Step One

by - 7:55 PM

I've spent my whole four years with you clinging to me like a grapevine.

It makes me wonder sometimes how I ever managed to patiently take care of you every now and then, and yes, you are my first share of experience of being a mom.

From the chubby little baby you were when I carried you in your christening to the photos you shoot when you took up a career in photography at the age of four, you will forever be my little princess.

I love you Jeanne because you came from my heart. I have changed your diapers, sang you to sleep, spoon fed you, and even ran on a highway while carrying you. I may not be the one who went through the whole pregnancy process and I know I could never replace your Mama, but thank you because you have given me something special.

It's cool to have you around. Our memories together are one of the happiest and craziest that I can remember. I always recall those days you spent playing at the daycare in the mall with me, being so mean with the other kids and dragging me with you since you didn't want to play with anyone else; ordering chicken value meals in Jollibee but never touching the gravy and rice; sleeping me out on the way home and making me carry you; letting me dress you up, and you, asking me to put make up on you all the time; the gazillion times you borrowed my sunglasses; barging into my room to wake me up to early in the morning even if you know I just slept; holding my hand while we walk; hugging me when I say "love" and kissing me in public; screaming at me like I'm a kid your age; spending my money at the local convenience store just because you think the lights are pretty there; the weird way you're fond of eating mentos and drinking chuckie for snacks; keeping my secrets; being frank all the time; always asking me to get you the stuffed toys on top of my cabinet; crying when I don't take you with me; taking our photos like a PRO;  and helping me out all the time at school.

Thank you because you can make me shut up and give in to your whims; because I tend to wake up early whenever you're around me; because you keep me patient; because you get mad at me when you have to; because you insist that I stay by your side; and because you shout to the whole world how much you love me.

Babe, you're such a smart little kiddo. I hope you can grow up and be better than what I am even if you look up to me all the time, and when you do, I hope I can still be your Mommy.

And yes, Mommy loves you very much even when you're a pain in the head, you still can make me smile.

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