Smart Parenting’s Baby Shower for Mums-to-be

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(I am so sorry for this long overdue post. So many things happened during April.)

I got invited last April 3 for Smart Parenting’s Baby Shower at the Discovery Suites in Ortigas. It was one of those I-wish-I-knew-about-events-like-this-when-I-was-preggy days.

Smart Parenting is the Philippines’ largest parenting news and lifestyle brand in the country, and they organize the baby shower annually for the beautiful soon-to-be mums out there.

For this year, SP partnered with Downy as they introduced their latest innovation in fabric conditioner with the new Downy Baby Gentle. There were baby clothes and linens in the centerpiece on each table. We had a pink bib, and true enough, it was soft and smelled wonderful.

The host for the event was DJ Delamar. It was my first time to see her, and she was so bubbly, no dull moment at all. She even shared her own pregnancy tips.

Photo credit to Smart Parenting

Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumpas who shared the importance of gentle softness on baby’s skin led talk 1. Apparently, the vernix (cheese-like) that covers the baby is important and I don’t even remember if I ever saw my son covered in it. She also shared that a baby should not be given a bath for at least 6-12 hours after birth.

We had a working lunch in between the two talks. Thanks to Discovery Suites for catering such a sumptuous lunch. I was not able to take a photo because I was too excited to eat. The cookies and cream cheesecake was the bomb!

Talk 2 speakers were husband and wife tandem, Manny and Betty San Luis. Betty is a doula and considers her husband as her birth partner. I loved this segment because it talked about birthing options and gentle birth. I am a CS mum and is looking forward to a VBAC (in the far off future, iff) plus it satisfied my #doulatraining goals after I get my certification for breastfeeding counseling.

Talk 3 was about Baby Sign Language by Sharon Agoncillo. You know, this was really interesting and mind-blowing. I am still not getting over the thought of the possibility of teaching this to babies. Popy’s already able to call me, my husband and milk, so I feel like it’s unnecessary to teach him signs at this stage. Still, while watching the video, it was wow.

Photo credit to Smart Parenting

Breastfeeding Straight from the Coach’s Zenaida Feliciano (also know as Coach Z) discussed breastfeeding for talk 4. She will be celebrating her 10th year anniversary as a breastfeeding educator. I was glad more and more mums are planning to breastfeed while still pregnant. Preparation is very helpful for successful breastfeeding.

It was announced that there will be a surprise guest speaker. It was…

Drum roll…

New mum, Bianca Gonzales-Intal!

My goodness, I’d die for her postpartum figure. She happily shared her pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum stories. Her trip to the hospital had funny moments. I was glad to know that she’s breastfeeding, but I wish someone could educate them on the advantages of cupfeeding.

We were also treated to designing our own bibs conducted by Coni Tejada (writer, stylist and travel blogger); while some of the mums had pre-natal yoga in another room with Urban Ashram.

My gift to Popy

Pre-natal Yoga with Urban Ashram. Photo credit to Smart Parenting.

It was a day filled with a lot of games, surprises, and helpful tips and information for the soon-to-be mums. We all got to take home Downy Baby Gentle Goodies in our loot bags.

Soon-to-be-mums in their photo op. Photo credit to Smart Parenting.

Some of the prizes in the raffle. Photo credit to Smart Parenting.

Mummies eagerly raising their hands to answer in the games. Photo credit to Smart Parenting.

Lootbag! :)

For more information on the importance of dermatologist-tested fabric conditioners, as well as Gentle Softness Tips and How-Tos, visit

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Mummies of Mommy Blogger Philippines. Photo credit to Smart Parenting.

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  1. I used to attend parenting workshops when my daughter was still small and I learned a lot from it. And some of the mommy-friends that I met during those workshops are my friends up to now.

  2. Hi! Nice to see you! ;) Me too, events like this are the events I wish I had known when I was still pregnant as I was totally clueless and preggy moms would definitely learn a lot from these kinds of events! Hope to meet you in future events ;)

  3. Did you win in the raffle? Kudos to Smart Parenting for hosting an event for pregnant moms.