Tupperware at 50: My fondest Tupperware memory

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Happy 50th anniversary Tupperware!

You had been a part of Filipino homes in every celebration we have, and that's a great feat! Because aside from birthdays, Christmases and fiestas, we sort of eat with friends and family as a pastime. :)

I grew up with Tupperware. My mum and my aunt had sets and sets of it because it has proven reliability.

How reliable?

Here is a photo of my childhood:

The containers holding the spaghetti and the sauce are Tupperwares. These and their friends are still alive and usable. We lost some along the way because we moved houses, from QC to Quezon Province to Oman to QC again to Manila to Makati to Manila again. But a lot of those that we retained are still part of our kitchen. That's three generations to us. Mum used it to hold feasts for us and now I'm using it to hold feasts for my own little family.

See, I still have the pasta holder, grater, pasta server and spoon. :)

My son's a big noodle fan so this still comes in handy for us.

My mum loves cooking for us. I was a religious youth leader back in the province. We used to hold fellowship meetings at home and my group is always particularly happy when it's my household's turn because we always had spaghetti, leche flan and cake. My friends used to tell me that they only have those on birthdays and fiestas. We had them everytime we have visitors. :)

Sabi nga nila, "Sa bahay nyo parang laging fiesta". :)

My lunchboxes, water cup, sauce holders were all Tupperwares. We actually have a blue food container, too, from my mother-in-law.

You can tell the brand's recall is so high when people call every food container as Tupperware. That's the case in our home. My husband calls even microwaveables as Tupperware.

Tupperware isn't just kitchenware for us. These items that we still have are more than 20 years old already, and they evoke memories in our lives that are happy, victorious, and sometimes sad (we served food with these during my Grandfather's wake back in 2001).

Every Tupperware holds a memory, and now, I'm creating new memories of celebrations with my husband and son.

Again, Happy 50th Tupperware! Cheers to more years! #TupperwareBrands50th


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  1. I remember one of my aunt having complete sets of Tupperware when I was a kid. I am not certain though if she still has them now. She has moved a lot through the years too. However, I know of its reliability because I remember using them when I was still a kid. In the 90's everything that looked like a plastic container was called Tupperware even when it wasn't so I think it really is a brand which made a mark to everyone through the years.