Eastwood City x Millennial Moms PH's #unMothersDay Event

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May 14 was 2017's special day for the moms out there.

Eastwood City teamed up with Millennial Moms PH to bring a one-of-a-kind Mothers' Day celebration for us.

#unMothersDay was a two-day event filled with informative talks, mompreneur bazaar, and lots of raffle prizes. Day 1 was dedicated to moms with kids, and Day 2 for the pregnant moms.

Dette of Millennial Moms PH and tapped Buntis Brigada Support Group PH founded by Roz Ramer to collaborate and invite our pregnant mommies to the event.

On the second day, myself,  together with BBSG PH Admoms Roz, Keiko and Jena, as well as a couple of members attended the event.

L-R: Me and Popy, Roz, Dette, Jam and Keiko (Photo credit to Roz Ramer)
My mummy friend - breastfriend - ex-colleague - co-breastfeeding peer counselor - favorite lactation baker
Shani Chua

Coz Shani and I are friends, our husbands and babies are also friends. :)
Ever supportive breastfeeding and babywearing husbands (and present in every activity).

We learned about proper babywearing from Louise Portillo of Babywearing Philippines, chair exercises (which I needed as a WaHM because I sit in front of the desktop for so many hours a day), mobile photography and Lupus awareness. Lupus is an illness that had rocked my family when my cousin was diagnosed with it. We knew how difficult it was and I'm glad that people are being made aware of it.

Babywearing 101

Chair Exercises

Lupus Awareness

Moms were also treated to a serenade, raffle prizes and loot bags. Shopping was a breeze for mums, too, with the mompreneur booths that had mommyhood essentials from nursing wear to quiet books to shoes to kiddie clothes. You get the gist! :)

My new favorite!
I didn't even know about what Happy Skin was until my mummy friends told me about it.

This is the one that I won from the raffle. I super love the tote bag! :)

Mompreneurs! :)


Millennial Moms PH is a community for moms. They regularly hold Mom Tribe meet-ups. Find Millennial Moms on Facebook to join their activities and forums.

Buntis Brigada Support Group PH is a Facebook community that aims to reach out to pregnant mums.

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