Celebrating Life Part 2: Happy for Marriage

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Happy Anniversary Wubba!

Two years, wow. A lot of things have happened in those two years, some good, others were bad, but I believe we became better people because of those.

I always had this idea of a perfect marriage when I was younger. I thought that when a couple gets married, everything will automatically be all right, everything will go smoothly and two people will magically feel and think as one. After two years of marriage, I realized how wrong that ideas was. Marriage is hard work and a whole lot of sacrifice. Yes, there are "fun" moments, but most of the time, marriage is all grit and grind, trying to balance the finances, trying provide the needs of everyone, trying to be good, trying to be perfect, sometimes even trying to survive each other. 

All I can say is that it's all worth it. There is no "perfect" marriage, but there's marriage that's built to last, one that has been tested through fire, one that's gone through adversity and survived, one that has grinded it out over and over through the years.

Thank you for being honest wub, for pointing out my weaknesses and for always choosing our family. You always say that you want me to be better than you, with confidence I tell you this, I am better now. Thank you, I would have never realized a lot of things if you weren't such a smart mouth (haha). Thank you wubby ;)

Happy 2nd Anniversary! let's embrace the grind. <3 span="">

This was my husband's second year wedding anniversary message to me and last June 27, we celebrated our 3rd. :)

If you've known me from mommy groups, our marriage will read to you as blissful and very ideal. After all, I never talk about problems. To be honest, we've fought a couple of times. Perhaps, even more.

But when I write and share on mommy groups, I talk about what's true.

My husband is a wonderful man.

He proposed to me when we were towards our 2nd month into the relationship. Crazy, right? I know, that's why I said no.

Then he proposed to me again on the 4th month to which I accepted. 

On our 8th month, we got married.

Gab is my lucky charm. I can't begin to tell you how many times we've won raffles together. For real! I can only wish for the jackpot on Lotto next time. :)

Kidding aside, in between the grit and grind, Gab is my constant source of strength. I often describe him as "the kinder" person between the two of us. He's shy, quiet (except when he's with me), and protective.

He's the kind of husband whose patience was stretched when he came home to a hormonal crying wife; the one who gave up playing basketball (when #basketballislife) during my third trimester; who did all the chores when I gave birth via emergency c-section; who woke up early mornings to change our son's diaper and lull him to sleep because he felt I was already very tired; who supported me in my breastfeeding advocacy, came with me when I trained as a peer counselor and assisted me during home visits; who encouraged me to push through my online work and blogging; who continues to find ways to make our lives better; and the one who never fails to remind me that I am doing a good job as wife and a mother.

So yes, maybe sometimes we're just trying to be perfect, trying to be good and trying to survive each other. We will probably be forever a work in progress, but we will forever try. Marriage maybe hardwork, but it's a road that's truly worth taking.


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