The BRAVE Breastfeeding Boudoir Experience

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I went on hiatus for a month or two with my blog and just updated the Facebook Page from time to time. We were on crisis-mode nearing the end of 2017 (and we're still not completely back on our feet) and I couldn't write for 2018 until we surpass all these, but I want to share this beautiful story.

This was actually posted, briefly on my page, and now I want to share this in detail.

31 months.

That's how long I've been breastfeeding.

Once upon a time I was a pregnant woman standing in the formula milk aisle during grocery day thinking what we'd buy when our son comes out. I was formula-fed as a child. My husband was formula-fed. Plus we grew up with those 90s gifted child commercials, so it came out like an easy choice for us. 

A couple of friends (two, actually), sent me messages about joining Breastfeeding Pinays (BFP). Let me name them, Atheena and Jhurine, because I owe this journey to them, big time. I wouldn't have an inkling on breastfeeding had it not been for their encouragement. It was around the 1st trimester and I did join, but I wasn't active.

I'm not sure what happened then or what I read that had me wanting to "check" if I can do it. At 31 weeks, I found myself sitting with my husband in a breastfeeding class organized by LATCH at The Medical City.

Two months after giving birth, I was in another one, still by LATCH in a different venue.

The force was strong on this one. I was so engrossed. I even got starstruck with Mummy Claire, a LATCH and Arugaan Peer Counselor who I met in the 2nd class.

Another two months, I trained to become a BFP and Arugaan Breastfeeding Peer Counselor with my husband and son in tow.

The journey wasn't easy. Contrary to what a lot of my counselees think, not all peer counselors have or had it easy.

I haven't even given birth yet, but my in-laws and my mom were already doubting my milk supply. My dad has nothing to say about it (haha). There was this issue with my husband, too, because he was starting believe his parents and doubt what I've been researching. I can go on with the number of people who discouraged me. There were a lot of them.

I debunked all their thoughts. They all believe me now. :)

There were sleepless nights. There were 5am dramas because Popy woke up to nurse and wouldn't sleep again. I would cry and say Popy doesn't love me. There was a time I was rushed to ER because the engorgement was causing me fever. There was that morning when I woke up with blood on my shirt because Popy bit me. I even used to cry every time my shirt touched my nipples because they hurt so much it felt like it was getting peeled and I wanted to give up. I'm not discouraging you here. It's different with every mom and this was just mine, and hey, I triumphed!

My husband (yes, the former doubter) would tell me:
"Remember why we started."

So we pushed to come to this. We didn't have it easy, but we can rose above it.

If I ever had motivation, honestly, it was the savings. I was a SaHM then and my husband's salary was just enough for our daily needs. The only way I could help financially was to breastfeed (and cloth diaper), so we won't have to buy milk. We didn't even buy a crib and stroller because we couldn't afford them. Our baby carrier was the cheapest safety-tested ergonomic carrier that we found.

But moving on my breastfeeding Popy branched to more areas where we can save. We gave our son a healthier start in life, so he will have better chances of not getting sick and if he doesn't get sick then we won't spend money for medical bills and my husband won't need to file for a leave. He wasn't a regular employee yet back then and was still on proby, so he didn't have paid leaves just yet. I breastfeed also because I already have a heart ailment and I learned it helps lessen risks of diabetes and cancer (at least I can be safe from those, and seriously, I can only afford one ailment).

We're all a little scared, a little insecure. But we all need to start somewhere, and we could, at least try.

I came from that, too.

MommiEvents' BRAVE: Breastfeeding Boudoir & Family Photo Session

My mummy friend and colleague, told me she signed up for a breastfeeding photoshoot last November. I wanted to join, too, but didn't have the means because my husband lost his job a month back and was still struggling to find one.

Jorelle Vetus and the boys!
After the shoot, Jorelle, this woman out of my own heart who's still breastfeeding too, said she thinks I should do it too, and that she'd take care of the fee for the meantime. My husband had applications abroad, and she wanted us to have nice photos as a family and while breastfeeding for souvenirs.

Almost on their 3rd year!

So we signed up for Batch 2 thanks to the Vetuses!

Our family friend supported us full-time from staying overnight at their place, so we can make it to the early schedule to hatid-sundo to and from the venue.
Great news Breastfeeding Mommas!
Poster credits to MommiEvents

MommiEvents will be having their 3rd Batch of BRAVE: Breastfeeding Boudoir & Family Photos Session.

In partnership with When In Manila, BRAVE Batch 3 will be in March 24, Saturday, from 10am to 4:30pm at The Hollow Box Studio & Creative Space.

Registration fee is Php 2,500, which already includes 3 layouts (5 edited images each), hair & makeup and the 30-min shoot.

You may reserve your slots at

Check out MommiEvents FB page for more details.
Lessons and thanksgiving

Breastfeeding has taught me to trust myself a little bit more and to believe that I can give so much more. It even allowed me to gain new friends, from moms who share the same advocacy to counselees to doctors.

So here's to my little family:

To my husband for always supporting me and to our son who sparks every bit of inspiration in our lives.

And to everyone who's planning to walk the same journey:

Find support and I hope you find the best kind in your own family.
Be brave.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I assure you, there are a lot of people who are more than willing to walk with you every step of the way.

I was told that when you love someone, you give him the best...
...and this is THE BEST OF ME.


HMUA: Makeup by Kat Orbista & Pretty Me Gerlyn
All photos in this article were shot by Photographer: Louise Manuel-Portillo of The Hollow Box

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