Pagbilao Eats: Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant

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To celebrate our family's new chapter, I took the boys to Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant located at Brgy. Bantigue, Pagbilao, Quezon.

Despite living a little over a decade in Quezon Province from way back, I've only been to Silangang Nayon once. My memory of it was very vague. I went there when my Ninang's family invited my mom and I to join them for dinner.

So coming with the boys there for lunch was like a first time for me all over again.

If you're coming from Diversion Road or the Old Manila Road, I think most public vehicles would be familiar of Silangang Nayon and just tell them to drop you off there. There are two tricycle terminals servicing the areas, one for the nearby village and another for Bantigue where Silangang Nayon is located.

The distance from the national highway is around seven kilometers long and we were charged Php 90 for a one-way trip. It took us around 15 minutes to get to the restaurant. The road was smooth and had a wonderful view of rice fields.

Tables in their floating cottages were full so we opted to get a small cottage of our own overlooking the sea.

View from our cottage

The restaurant boasts seafood in their menu. Some of the dishes, you can buy per gram. We ordered Sweet and Sour Fish, Szechuan Suahe, Lemon Chicken, Yang Chow Rice, Chocolate Milkshake for Popy and Fresh Buko for Gab. You can have the coconut cut open when you're done with the juice.

L-R Clockwise: Lemon Chicken, Chocolate Milkshake, Fresh Buko, Szechuan Suahe,
Sweet and Sour Fish and Yang Chow Rice

We walked around the property after eating. There used to be a mini zoo, but only a few animals were left, mostly birds. They also have a playground for the kids.

The path to the mini-zoo
Playground for the young and the once young. :)

Silangang Nayon now has a hotel. Room rates start at P3750 for two. Staying at their hotel grants you breakfast, free access to the pool and use of the cottages for free (as long as you buy the food from their restaurant). You can check their website for more details.

Just a few tips:

1. We came back a few weeks ago with my parents and a couple of relatives, a few weeks ago and they got a table at the big floating cottage. My cousin had been calling me but the signal was weak. We went straight to the cottage and apparently, you have to order at the counter near the entrance. I volunteered to go back up. Not fun at all. One of the staff asked us if our companions have ordered already, and we didn't know. He didn't tell us we can't order from the floating cottage.

The distance from where we were. Hay, taas pa naman tapos ang init.

2. The restaurant is far from the main road, 6.5km to be exact. If you're commuting, get your tricycle driver's mobile number as he'll be the one to pick you up again when you're done. This is the only mode of transportation over there and there aren't a lot plying the road.

3. I like the cottages better than the ones on the sea. The makeshift helicopter zip-lining across the sea to deliver the food sure is cute, but the water out there sure isn't crystal clear. You can sea the oil on the water, probably coming from the leftover food visitors feed the fishes. I'm not very comfy with that.

The big dining hall is boat-shaped, so it's very mabenta with the kids. Careful though.

Overall, lunch was great. We enjoyed the food and the view. We'll definitely still come back for our little celebrations.

You can also find them on Facebook for inquiries. :)

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