BTS: Victoria Court and Dreams

by - 12:17 AM

"Be someone else today." 

I remember seeing an advertisement that featured the throne in Game of Thrones; and well, if that's your kind of fantasy, then Victoria Court's the perfect place for you.

Do you want to play spy just like James Bond?

How about a billionaire and superhero ala Iron Man for the night?

Or are you feeling lucky at Vegas?

You can do all that and more.

But just who are these people who make these fantasies come to life, you may ask?

From check-in to dining till check-out, the team makes sure that your entire stay is a happy experience. Talk about going the extra mile! That's great customer service, right there.

When you join the Victoria Court Team, your every day will be as unique as their rooms. You will be working with people who are passionate, fun-loving, extremely creative and customer-oriented individuals who would make you realize how true it is when people say you will never have to work a day in your life when you love what you do.

If I can become someone else today, how does a career woman sound like? Who knows? They might have something in store for you and me, too.

Because Victoria Court don't sell rooms. They sell imagination.

Join Victoria Court and feel the distinction.

To know more about their job openings, do visit Victoria Court Careers.

Here's a sneak peek at what goes behind their doors (Warning: Fun Alert!):

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