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Let me start this with a proverb:

“Kung walang tiyaga, walang nilaga. (There is no reward without perseverance.)”

I read the book (and made oohs and ahhhs on the illustrations); and I wanted to hand pick a proverb of another dialect fit for my life right now and I still got one in Tagalog and English. I am a WAHM now, and I attribute the rewards I reap for my family with perseverance.

But enough about that for now. J

I was invited last 15th of March to attend the book launch of Philippine Proverbs held at Via Mare Oyster Bar in Greenbelt. His wonderful book’s content that showcases so much nationalism was collected by Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz and illustrated by Eisen V. Bernardo.

Ms. Reni Roxas, Tahanan Books’ Publisher greeted me and my eight-month old when I reached the venue, and then introduced me to Ms. Cruz and to Mr. Bernardo.

I was seated with my co-Mommy Bloggers Philippines members who brought their children as well.

The room filled up easily. An array of snacks were served: Suman at Mangga, Puto Bumbong, Bibingka, and Burgers and Fries. My son snacked on the ripe mangoes.

The online invite said that we can win a prize if we bring something that reminds us of our hometowns. I giddily got a budin (cassava cake). I was born in Tayabas, Quezon. We have an entire street that sells edible pasalubong. The specialty is budin; hence, it was called Kalye Budin (Cassava Cake Street, you read that right). I got a lovely bundle of a notepad and two witty greeting cards! The paper lover in me almost died of happiness!

Our icebreaker was a BINGO game. They gave us blank cards and we can customize it with whatever dialect is on the card that was part of the centerpiece on each table. The host opened a page on the book by random and whatever dialect was there, we had to cross it out. First to cross out a line, wins. I didn’t win. I suck at games.

In the middle of eating, a couple fought. My son cried at the same time. I tried to look away and wondered if it was staged, but they were getting so loud. I can tell everyone’s attention was caught but nobody tried to approach them, anyhow. The author approached them and said that they were ruining the event. They were apologetic, and then started to shout a each other in different dialects.

Ah-ha! Staged! But it was catchy, indeed.

The illustrator, who looked unassuming when he took the floor, is a talented Los Banos-based graphic artist whose work had gone viral internationally. Hooray for simple yet wonderfully creative people!

Ms. Cruz explained how some people may be thinking that the proverbs in the book were already made, anyhow and just needed to be collected; but said that it was still difficult to do so and took her years to finish.

My little boy and I got a loot bag filled with the Philippine Proverbs book, another notepad and more greeting cards. I was so happy!

I’d be honest and say I’m awful in Filipino compositions. Aside from English, I am knowledgeable of three more languages, but it’s such a shame that I don’t have a grasp of Filipino grammar. I wanted to write this one in entirely Filipino because it would have suited the topic well, but alas!

I got the book signed and dedicated to Khale. I’ll be reading this to him often so he’d grow an appreciation of the Philippines and its culture, as well as the other dialects., and perhaps, I could learn from it as well.

The book is so much fun to read, by the way!

Here was the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Group:

I'm the one with the crying baby. I wanted to take nice photos but he was really inconsolable.


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  1. That is so Los Banos!!! Hahaha! Our org (Teatro Umalohokan) used to initiate commotions in public to invite recruits to our Orientations. :)

    PS: My cousin is a Valdeavilla of Tayabas. ;)

    1. Weeeeee! :) I have a friend who's a valdeavilla too.

  2. This looks like a fun event. I used to read proverbs when I was a kid and I grew up with it. Sayang wasn't able to come because of my tight schedule. I hope there's a next time for this. :)

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

  3. Looks like a very fun event! I read that the fight was staged but I wonder what was it that they argued about? haha! :)

  4. It looks like a full of FUN and learning experience. And the foods that they serve, very filipino

  5. I love reading and singing for my little boy but didn't consider reading the Phikippine Proverbs to him. And now you gave me an idea to read the book to him. Surely he will enjoy it. And nice meeting you and hope to see you and your dear little one soonest.

  6. This really looks a fun event. I would love to read proverbs too with my son since he loves me reading his books.

  7. Is this available in bookstores already? I would love to get my hands on this and introduce this to my kids. Looks like a great event, btw :)

  8. Super fun event! Interesting book too. :)

  9. Is this available in bookstores already? It's nice for gifting.😆

  10. How I wish I can attend this kind of events with my son because I know we will have fun just like you and your child. :) God willing, soon enough I can switch to WAHM path, too!

  11. I was scandalized by that arguing couple at first, haha. I'm glad it was all staged!

  12. It looks like such a fun event! I'd like to get a copy of that book.

  13. Nice meeting you at the event. :) Ang saya and daming learnings.

  14. It looks like the event was fun! I am not that good in Filipino as well, but I told myself that I'd train my son when he gets older. We can learn together :)

  15. How fun! How I wish I could have attended that event -- too bad we live far, far away. I'm sure your son had a blast despite the tear-fest!

  16. Aw! I missed this event, my children would have loved to join the activities and witness the book launch. Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. That Philippine proverbs were the best! I wish to purchase soon. And the stage actors I think were very convincing too haha

  18. It sucks that I missed this event. My kids and I love books pa naman. The event also looks like it was so much fun!