Dining with The Perezes: 10 Tables Restaurant

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We love eating. I can tell you that.

A few days after moving to Lucena, we chanced upon 10 Tables.

It was a Sunday morning. We were invited by college classmates to come to their younger child's baptism. As we were early, we decided to wait it out for a while, hopefully, somewhere nearby. Luckily, beside the building of the Chinese restaurant where the reception was to be held, we found 10 Tables.

It's what I would describe as cozy... Homey...

I'm already daydreaming, sitting on our favorite spot, waiting for Popy while... err... working on my daytime marketing job.

Ok, so going back, the interior is all pastel. There are the wooden chairs and tables, the enormous mural of a bird, some chic displays, small light bulbs, brick wall, the London-inspired wallpaper by the counter, and craft paper placemats.

Their menu is pretty simple, nothing extravagant that sounds heavy on the pocket. They're really tasty, homecooked meals, and affordable, too. Our favorites are the pesto and alfredo. And have I mentioned their coffee? I mean, I'd take one tricycle and a jeepney to get there for their coffee.

Here's what we've tried so far:


Nacho Business

Creamy Chicken Alfredo

Go Lean Chicken (Sorry, I took a few spoonfuls before taking the photo)

Yummy cakes! Not sure if they bake it or it's supplied to them. They're delicious, nonetheless.
Ok, I don't know why on earth I don't have a photo of their Iced Coffee (when I order this every time), but we've also tried their Lucbaenginisa, 10T Pancakes (which are really fluffy, btw), Sunny Salpicao (chicken), chocolate shake and Le Burger.

I swear by their lovely customer service. My son loves the staff. We, sometimes, pass by and don't have plans to dine, but then Popy sees the signage and instantly wants to be taken there. We're already thinking of having his 3rd birthday here, so his ates and kuyas can come. They can't possibly take an off all on the same day, right? Haha! I heard it's PhP 15,000 to rent the whole place for an event, consumable. The dining area sits around 40 persons.

Popy and Ate Shiena

Popy having his OJT with Ate Jaja

They don't have WiFi here, so it's also one of those moments when we're able to just eat quietly as a family (or not, when Popy's running around).

We're definitely coming back. :)


10 Tables Restaurant is located at ML Tagarao St., Lucena City (same building as Queen Margarette Downtown, facing Maryhill College). It's open from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

You may follow them on Facebook or on Instagram for more information and to stay updated on their promotions. :)

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