Easter Reflections: A Story of Falling and Rising

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Almost six months ago, I vividly recall my message to my friends as I told them how my family fell:

It will be hard. But I know we'll come out stronger after this.

In a previous post, I mentioned that 2017 crushed us.

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This was how it pulled us:
My husband lost his job, the computer I was using for my online jobs crashed, and we had two attempted theft incidents (one was on a Christmas Day). We felt so lost. There were bills to be paid: rent, water, electricity, Internet and cable, groceries, and a house and lot that we're still paying monthly.

My husband was diligent in finding a new job, but because it was the last quarter of the year, there weren't a lot of opportunities around. He was either overqualified, salary expectation is too high or he didn't fit the role.

I was thankful because he wasn't like husbands I often read about in mommy groups who were unemployed, had vices, and acted like they were kings. He took care of our son during this time while I worked as the breadwinner. He fed Popy his breakfast, gave him baths, changed his clothes, played with him and took him to the playground. He never complained. He figured that since I'm working for the family, he should, at least, help lighten my responsibilities at home by looking after our son. He was a true life partner.

The boys hanging out at my high school

Watching our neighborhood dogs

Gab helping Popy to eat

Playtime with Tatay

Homeschooling Popy

The day after, the last company he applied for rejected him, he got a call from an agency deploying people to Saudi.

Going abroad was our last resort. I knew Gab was growing more desperate. Even when he didn't say anything, I knew how important it was for him to provide for us. The interview was scheduled that afternoon, too, and like an answered prayer, he got accepted. He was offered a good basic salary, free accommodation and transportation, and a hope that he could bring us to Saudi on his second contract. The only catch was he won't have a vacation till he finishes his first two-year contract.

We moved to my province to cut on our cost of living. It was the city next to the town our house will be built. Rent was half of what we used to pay in Manila. The mall was walking distance, so commuting wasn't so hard and expensive. There was an abundance of everything that didn't cost as much, so my salary was able to afford us something more.

The day that we moved to a new place.

Our developer was kind enough to allow us to defer paying our monthly installments until we are stable again. To top it all off, we've received kindness from so many of our friends and family members. It was all good. They had bought us time to pick ourselves up. We would survive this, that's what we would say.

First, he was told he will be deployed in January, but the agency had some issues and couldn't release some documents, so I told Gab to try applying locally again. Come March, a local company called, so Gab, as usual took the bus to Manila to attend the interview.

Days later, he was called again by the same company and was told to come the next day. Gab left the night before. On the day of the interview, I fell sick. I was alone with Popy and I couldn't get up. This isn't one of those ailments that I can shrug off. My colleagues know how dedicated I am with coming to work even when I wasn't feeling well, but that time, I really couldn't. I was vomiting, dizzy and my head felt like it was going to break. I couldn't tell Gab because I wanted him to do well in the final interview. A few minutes after he said it was done, I couldn't reach him online anymore. I asked my friend to text him, at least, to let him know that I was sick. He hurried home, but of course, hurrying meant a four-hour bus ride...

...and while he sat there worrying about me and our son who I couldn't take care of, the woman on the other line said he was HIRED.

Rising each time we fall...

I had never been religious, you know. I am what I prefer to call as faithful.

What I can tell you and what I can attest to is that Gab's life and mine had been a series of manifestations of God's grace.

When he proposed to me back in 2013, we didn't have savings for a wedding, so we decided for a civil ceremony. But God wanted a church wedding, so he led us to a church that we can afford, trailed us with signs, made me win Php 10,000 cash in a raffle, and gave us sponsors who helped with some of our wedding suppliers.

There were times we didn't have grocery supplies and God would send a writing project my way so we can buy some food. He even moved Gab to a better paying company when I got pregnant and I had to resign from my corporate job.

During the time we had to move to a more expensive rental because our previous will undergo renovations, God gifted us with freelance work. I am now with one company for almost two years and the other for a year.

Aside from Gab's good news, I was blessed to have been promoted at work, which also meant a boost in my salary when my family needed it most. Our developer also started construction of our house a few weeks ago, another achievement that we are looking forward to. 

Almost there

Tomorrow, Gab will start in his new job just in time for Easter. I thought he will be miles away from us by this time, and I praise God for letting him stay. I will be losing a great amount of help at home. I will miss the coffee and sandwich that he used to bring me in the morning, and Popy will probably miss him too, but we are happy for him and proud of him. 

Cheers to a husband and father whose heart never gave up! The heavens must have thought of me well to bless me with a man as resilient and as wonderful as my Gab. Know that I will always be your strength when the world turns less than ideal. God has granted your prayers and from tomorrow you will provide for this family again. I want you to know that for the last five months, you have provided us well with your love and time.

Cheers to my family because, together, we are strong and because we waited for the perfect time.

And today, as we honor the Risen Christ, I pray that all that we do with the blessings that He has given us continue to glorify Him. Cheers to our Lord because You truly are exceptional, the Giver from which all things come from. You are the Rock of our family, and the Light that shone in the darkest of our days...

Happy Easter! As we open a new chapter in my family's journey, we pray that God's promise of a new life be evident in yours as well.
Love, The Perezes

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