International Babywearing Week 2018: Are you in?

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Babywearing is LOVE!

I am Nanay Nini, a third of the Perezes and Tatay Gab's better half. :) We are advocates of safe and ergonomic babywearing.

So far, we've had two hybrid wraps (one for each), two soft structured carriers (one was free love and we've given away as free love, too) and two woven wraps (an Abel Iloko habi and a Shadrach's Collection).

We started babywearing when our son was less than a month old. I thought of it as a solution to my growing woes as a yaya-less first-time mom. I was breastfeeding, had no helper and would spend around nine hours for five days a week with just the baby. Of course, other than baby care, there was food to be cooked, floor to be swept and laundry to be washed, among others.

I remember feeling so proud of myself for being able to wash the laundry, while breastfeeding and carrying and lulling my son to sleep all at the same time!

Babywearing helped me do all that.

All that and more!

I'm also a work from home mom. We also had an online store that we manage ourselves.

When I started WaHMing, Popy was still an infant. I'd wear him as I type away on the computer, while he would sleep and breastfeed. The joys of multitasking! :)

When we were sourcing out raw materials for our dresses, we'd also commute and babywear, so I can still help carry some stuff while my husband carried 16 kg of fabric!

Babywearing has helped me play all my roles as a mom, a wife and a career woman.

Just in!

I also babywear on our son's sick days.

We use the woven wraps for Kangaroo Mother Care especially when his fever shoots up.

Last night, actually, my son's fever reached 39.7 degrees Celsius. So I had to stop typing this and pack an overnight bag in case he needed to be admitted. I grabbed our SSC and wore him. He had to undergo a couple of lab tests while we were in the ER, including blood tests. And I was alone. I've been to an emergency situation without my carrier and it was stressful to have to carry a bag, the baby, sign papers, take lab tests, buy medicines and settle payments with no free hand to use.

Thank God for carriers!

Shadrach's Collection and Modern Mommas PH: International Babywearing Week Celebration

It's happening again, Philippines!

I feel that we're all so fortunate in this age that there are events like this for families to educate first-timers and celebrate those who are already doing it.

We were in the IBW 2017 celebration last year in Quezon City which was attended by 200 participants and their families.

This year's theme is Babywearing is Fashionable. If you haven't heard yet, babywearing has been a part of style and culture of parenting centuries ago and worldwide too. Now, luckily, modern parents and caregivers can manage kids and chores and also pursue their dreams as individuals.

On October 7 (Sunday) in cooperation with Shadrach Cares and Modern Mommas PH will hold the International Babywearing Week 2018 and Shadrach's Collection's 4th Year Anniversary celebration at SM Light Mall's GF Events Area from 10AM to 4PM. It's going to be a day of holistic learning with talks about babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, motherhood, blogging, finances, beauty and mompreneurship.

There also a lot of activities in store for the attendess, not to mention, games and raffle prizes!

Now, who would want to miss that?

For more information about the event, you can visit their official FB Event page.

Want to join mommy communities? Click here for Shadrach Cares and Modern Mommas PH.

If you want to learn more about Shadrach's Collection or purchase a product, do visit their Facebook Page and website.


Before I end this let me just share with you our babywearing journey:


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