Nature Earth's M2 Tea Drink: A refreshing and healthy drink for moms

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I've been breastfeeding my son for more than three years now. Yes, more than three years! I never imagined (while still conceiving) that we'll go this far, though it's more comfort-feeding nowadays.

This is actually a long overdue post because we had to take a breather during the past few months. Or at least I had to take it. It was a little rough, health wise. The draft had been sitting in my blog for some time.

Back in Manila, I'd usually order baked goodies from my favorite lactation baker when I feel like I need a boost, but after moving to the province, I have yet to find one.

Lately, my supply had been dwindling because, well, he has not been breastfeeding as much as before. Hayyy. Someone's growing up too fast.

Unexpectedly, though, my neighbor met me one afternoon and told me I have a package. I wasn't really expecting any and to my surprise, I found Nature Earth's products. :)

Now, I have to be honest and admit that at this point in my breastfeeding journey, I'm not really expecting a boost in my breastmilk supply. Sabi nga "kahit kumain pa ako ng isang drum ng malunggay", if no one's latching (less frequent in my case), the supply really goes down.

But I was still ecstatic when I received the package.


Well, I've been really stressed out lately. Two jobs and yaya-less plus Popy's already going to school plus chores and well, you know the drill, I can't help but feel tired.

Like I've said earlier, it had been rough health wise. Sadly, I am no longer at my healthiest. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago and the OB have advised me to take care of myself. I've been told to take vitamins, eat healthier, exercise, etc. I'm so bad with meds and I really wish I can manage cooking every single meal at home (kudos to you if you can), but I sometimes can't.

So lately, I've been getting sick, and I can't be sick.

My new discovery...

I've been seeing M2 for quite sometime, but have not yet tried. All I knew then was that it was made of malunggay. I was surprised to find out about the okra and ginger ingredients. I'm a biggie on vegetables, most of them. I love salabat. Okra, not at all. So thanks to this drink, the okra has become bearable. :)

Introduced in 2011, M2 is a concentrate tea drink that packed with nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium and calcium. The three main ingredients are low calorie veggies, which is great if you're watching your calorie intake. And you know how malunggay is such a celebrity in the breastfeeding world, so this is a hit among nursing mommas, too. But like I always say, supplements and lactation aids like this may or may not work for you, that's why it would always be best to ensure frequent latching along with this.

M2 can be prepared hot or cold. I tried it cold. Best served iced! At least for me, ha. :) I squeezed some lemon juice and threw in some slices for an added tang. It was so nice! Sweet, but not so, and a bit sour. You can taste the muscovado, too (which is, by the way, better than white and brown sugar).

Now, I'm starting to feel better. I'm not much of a medicine person and I'm so bad at keeping a sched of when to take vitamins, but this makes it so much easier, coz hey! It doesn't feel like a chore anymore. It's just enjoying a drink for me.

But wait! There's more!

Nature Earth is also offering healthy snacks like shing-a-ling. It was such a hit with Popy because it was crunchy and well, he likes the regular shing-a-lings sold as pasalubong but I found this one good because it has malunggay in it.


M2 Concentrated is sold in 1L and 300ml bottles and they even have a 300ml ready-to-drink variant.

I found out they're being sold in Andok's branches nationwide. Yes, the lechon manok place! I haven't checked yet, but I found a nearby branch, so I'm heading there tomorrow to get a few bottles.

To learn more about M2, check out their Facebook page. :)

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