Learning in the time of Covid-19 for the Freelancer Mom

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I have a story to tell...


But let's step back a few days ago.

I posted on my personal FB that there was something I wanted to do, but I only had a day or so to decide. I was looking for signs. I was asking God for even just one sign. I've been wanting to take up this course for almost two years now and this particular one is already on the 9th run.

Imagine h
ow long I've been holding back.

It was always because we didn't have enough money for it. When the course started back in 2018, the fee was cheaper because it was still new. The fee picked up success after success. But that time, we were still in the process of picking ourselves up, so I couldn't enroll.

I just kept putting myself on the waitlist, hoping that when the next batch opens, I can finally sign up.

We've been there, you know.

We had very little when we started. I gave up a
 managerial job when I was pregnant. We had a single-income household where the monthly savings were either a little or none at all. We had ups, but before everything and many times in between, we had a lot of downs. At some up point in our life, we bought a property and the next thing we knew, we were worried about how to pay the next dues because my husband was suddenly laid off from work. I even had to pawn my engagement ring not just once! But a few times just to get us by.

I was working as a Social Selling Consultant in 2016.
My son was still breastfeeding that time and I would babywear him while working.

I'm very blessed to be working from home, 5 years by December! It helped us immensely to get to where we are now. If you have been following my blog and my Facebook Page for a while, you probably know my early struggles as a freelancer.

My husband is a wonderful provider and I find no fault in him because he works hard. But there were hard days for us, too. I started as writer and when we ran out of supplies at home, I would search online and ask friends if they need my writing services. I got paid very little that time, but a project's pay would be able to buy us a few kilos of rice or a few groceries, and I was thankful. 

I never get tired of this story.

So going back to my post, our ninang sa kasal (primary wedding sponsor) wrote me a comment that said, "Do it, inaanak."

The sign I was waiting for.
Nag-iisa yan na comment.

That same day, I reached out to the coach and asked if I can still enroll. It was funny because the deadline was September 30 and I managed to officially enroll at 11PM!

Thank, God for making it!

And thank you, Coach 
CJ Maturino-Cajoles
 for having me in this final batch for 2020!

I am beyond grateful!

A few months ago when I still didn't have a workstation.
I'm also homeschooling this little bub.

Unknown to many, I'm battling anxiety and depression. I've been meaning to share it here in my blog but did not have time to do so (maybe after this). I did talk about it in my Instagram and Facebook Page.

My doctor encourages self-care. And to me, finally enrolling in this course is self-care.

See, I've been putting enrollment at the end of my priorities for over a year.

Imagine, I've known about the course since it first opened in 2018, but I never took that step until today.

Two days ago, I decided to put this FIRST in line, which to me, meant I am finally PUTTING MYSELF FIRST. (I'm literally crying while typing this.)

I love learning. This is an investment on myself, so I can improve whatever skills I already have, learn new things, and hopefully, put them to good use after.

Today, we were asked to find a quote that we can post on our personal profiles, so we can find it in our FB memories one year later.

But instead of posting this just on my Facebook profile, I wanted to share and commemorate this day here, as well.

I thought it was a nice idea.

Like a gauge if we lived up to it...

At first, I wanted to share my own quote:

"Motherhood never stopped me. Don't let it stop you."

But I always say this to myself and to many moms I know, even to you who's reading this. To simply put, do not hold back. Do not allow anything to stop you from chasing your dreams and fulfilling them.

So today, to make it different when I look back a year after, let me share my favorite quote from my favorite book written by my all-time favorite author:

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too." 

- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

You see, on face value, I am doing this for myself. I do this to improve... to start something new... to build something... to be more than I am now.

On the hindsight, I do this so I can give my family a better future. So maybe one day, my husband won't need to work far from home (and a big thanks to him for supporting me in this). I want to do this, so we can extend a hand to my parents and my in-laws. I want to be able to do something for all those who stood by us, because we had really tough days before and there were people who helped us push through.

That's what I want to do.

A year from now, I want to look back to this post, and see myself in the best possible place that I can stand on and providing better lives to those who never left us.

This journey started today.

With hard work and God's grace, I will succeed.


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