Babywearing and Chasing Dreams

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When asked why I babywear, initially, it was because I wanted to be hands-free. I had a gazillion chores that I wanted to finish and I just wanted to be able to multitask.

When I gave birth to my son, he was almost 4kg. We lived in a rented condo unit that was six floors up. There was no elevator. We had a stroller that we rarely use except for the roof deck which was right outside our door. It wasn't the umbrella-type and only my husband was capable of carrying six floors down. On most days, I run errands with Popy. Just the two of us. Popy, a baby bag and a bulky stroller in tow was very impossible. My CS stitch might, you know, tear.

I've known about babywearing when I was still pregnant with my son, but it was only when he was a month old that we bought a carrier. I wasn't so confident yet to carry him when he was a newborn.

Our first carrier was a hybrid wrap. Months after, my husband bought his own, and he truly enjoyed it, so much enjoyment that they were featured in Health & Home and Huffington Post Canada. I had my hybrid for 8 months, until I dropped it in a taxi on our way home.

Enjoying the Pop-up Cinema for Valentines Day 2016 at Circuit Makati

My heart was crushed. Losing my carrier felt like losing a limb. I had so many memories with my hybrid and for a yayaless mom, it was a lifesaver. I have survived a big part of my everyday life while babywearing.

I shared my heartbreaking experience in a babywearing group, and to my surprise, there were a lot of people who offered to holiday their carriers. A friend offered to get me the same carrier that I lost. My co-breastfeeding counselors allowed me to try their woven wraps (WW), one of which, I eventually bought. But what surprised me the most was the anonymous sender of a soft-structured carrier (SSC). I found out who she was, but she preferred that I never name her. I have long given up that SSC on a random act of kindness when we were able to afford a new one. I'd forever be thankful to them because they put me back on track.

My first woven wrap was made in Ilocos. I have used this for Kangaroo Mother Care.

My husband wearing the SSC from anonymous mom - Minesview Park, Baguio City

But babywearing was more than being able to do my chores and my errands.

Babywearing allowed me to pursue the dreams I have left behind when I became a mom.

It gave way for me to do the things I love to do.

Last year, my husband and I built Posh/Mum Maternity and Nursing from scratch. We commuted a lot (since we don't own a car) to search and purchase our raw mats. I carried Popy everywhere! Our little online venture is literally a labor of love by our family.

Me in one of Posh/Mum's dresses.

Then I re-opened this blog and accepted writing projects. Writing is and always will be my first love, but I never really made a career out of it until recently. I babywore my way through blogging events. I was always that mom with the baby. My niche is parenting, food, travel... so the events are usually child-friendly.

I won in the raffle in a blogging event.

We're able to travel with ease, too! We've reached Baguio by bus and Bohol by plane with carriers in tow.

The Perezes overlooking Bohol's Chocolate Hills

Posing in front of the colorful houses in Pahiyas Festival, Lucban, Quezon

And aside from the business and my hobby, I also work as a marketing consultant and a social media manager. I've tried my hardest to land a regular job last year. I even got a job offer in an office set-up but the whole yaya-daycare-leave-my-son-with-the-in-laws never seemed to work. It was almost disheartening, but I was able to score two regular online jobs in Australia and  Canada, and a part-time work for a local restaurant. I'm telling you, the restaurant only required me to report in the office once a month, and I always presented my slides while babywearing.


My shift for Australia starts at 7 AM (Dear Lord, 6 AM when DST starts), and Popy is the kind of baby who wakes up as soon as he senses that I'm not in the room. Thank God for babywearing! I pick him up, wrap him and falls asleep almost immediately. I get a few hours of work done, uninterrupted.

All these things, I continue to do while babywearing. It has been 25 months in total.

Shadrach's Collection is also someone's dream that came true

Recently, I received a lovely wrap from Ms. Jen of Shadrach's Collection. It was as colorful as my personality! It had enough thickness and was softer than I expected. I was able to use it the same day it arrived. Thank you so much, Ms. Jen!

My lovely Rainbow Brite!

Waiting for Grab on our way to Sunday church.

My son has become very heavy. The carriers we have had started to become a bit diggy on our shoulders and lower back. It was such a perfect timing.

Shadrach's Collection was Ms. Jen's dream. A busy mom, herself, juggling businesses, family and community service, it meant that she's always on the move. She needed a way to be able to do everythign she needs to do and still keep her baby close. Her wraps and slings are handwoven locally, so she not only makes her own dreams come true, but also the local weavers'.

And Shadrach's can also help you in doing the things you want, need and love to do all while strengthening your bond with your child.


Shadrach's Collection will be having an event on October 1 (Sunday) entitled A Dual Celebration: Shadrach's 3rd Anniversary and International Babywearing Week 2017. This will be held at the Robinsons Novaliches Activity Center from 10 AM to 2PM.

Please do join us! Posh/Mum and Bare Nanay will be there. If you wish to register or would like to know more details, visit There will be lots to learn from the talks; a lot to discover from the showcase of mompreneurs; and a lot of fun and surprises.

If you’re new to babywearing, welcome to the family! I hope you find a beautiful reason to wear your child close to your heart.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Shadrach’s Collection and Happy International Babywearing Week 2017! Thanks for being part of my babywearing journey and my dreams.

Let’s keep them close and carry with love.  

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  1. I babywear my son since day 1 and stopped when he learned how to walk. I'm a fan of SSC (Ergo and Tula) since my son is so malikot everytime I babywear him lols. I wanted something easy to use, just buckle up and we are good to go. Haven't tried to use a wrap but will consider for the next baby. Thanks for sharing Nini!

    1. We have a back up stroller kasi Popy's so heavy na. But we always end up with the carrier because it's easier to travel with it considering that we always commute. Wearing a wrap may be a test of patience, but it's enjoyable when you get creative with it. :)

  2. Ang gaganda ng babywear mo mommy! Naging familiar ako sa ganito nanganak na ako sa bunso kaya di ko sya na babywear. Sa third baby (after 5 years pa) I will equip myself with knowledge about BW :)

    1. Salamat po! :) Itatago ko na nga sila kapag ayaw na magpakarga ni baby for the next child (mga 5 years din kung papalarin) or for random act of kindness (kung di ko na keri magalaga ng isa pa, haha). Do try mummy! Marami na akong naisulat for clients, narating na lugar, nalinis na floor area, nalabang damit at nalutong ulam habang naka babywear. Sobrang helpful. :)

  3. I also use baby sling and baby carrier when my son was still a baby. I also wants free hands so I can multi-task. My son prefers baby carrier than stroller too.

  4. I wore all my kids when they were small and still wear my youngest until I don't know when. I am an SSC type of mom since I want something uncomplicated. But I am always fascinated with wraps eversince but I just don't have the energy to learn about it.

  5. We've tried babywearing for a while, when my kids were still babies (now grownups). Di pa masyadong uso ang babywraps dati or I was just not that aware.

  6. I tried baby wearing when my son was 6months old, but unfortunately during my time there are few options, hindi maganda yung nabili ko. Sobrang bigat ni baby ayun nasira agad, hindi ko na ginamit.

  7. One thing I regret the most was not being able to babywear my son when he was still little. When he was born, slings were very rare and I didn't hear a lot about it back then. Maybe next time! :D

  8. I never had the chance to baby wear my kid even when she was small because I have scoliosis. I would if not gor my medical condition.

  9. I like the rainbow brite color! Baby wearing is truly a smart way to use most especially when you travel. I did that with my second born, I baby wear when I am going out with my baby. I can do my little shopping and my baby is more secured using it.I am glad that more companies are innovating and promoting the use of baby carrier or baby wearing.

  10. When my son is still a baby I tried to baby wearing but my back is always painful that is why ended up in the stroller.