Cooking with King Sue: A Taste Fit for a King

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If I haven't mentioned it yet in my blog, I'm a Hotel and Restaurant graduate. Back in college, I used to compete in culinary competitions, and won the Meritorious Award for Culinary in 2009. I love cooking!

I come from a family of wonderful home cooks. My dad's the typical imbentor of viands and savory dishes, while my mom makes lovely snacks and desserts. My husband is a great cook, too, coming from a family of Oragons, spicy food and coconut milk is a staple at home. I swear, if he had taken up culinary and competed with me (because were from the same batch), he would have won.

Imagine my delight when, last September 20, I got invited by Dette of Millennial Moms PH to join them for King Sue's event at Early Night in The Fort Strip.

Luckily, my work finishes early because we recently changed our shift, so Popy and I headed out for a yummy Wednesday afternoon.

How King Sue started

I've sampled King Sue a couple of times now, and I finally got the right pronunciation! Lol!

KING SUE (pronounced as su-weh, not sway or su) was founded by Cu Un Kay who landed in Manila a hundred years ago from Fookien, China as a 12-year old boy. After working in his uncle's business and learning  how to manufacture cold cuts and ham, he started the brand after the second world war.

The specialty?

Bone-in Chinese Ham

Eighty-seven years later, King Sue continues to adapt to the Pinoy's palate by introducing a wider variety of products.

Their products include their premium Chinese Ham Bone-in (which is a Noche Buena star on your dining table), Pina Ham, Sweet Ham, Hungarian Sausage, Bacon Bits and Bacon Cubes (great for the perfect carbonara), and Sliced Bacon, to name a few.
Cucina King Sue with Camille Prats and Nathan Linsangan

Camille Prats and Nathan with Chef Katrina

The mother-and-son tandem graced King Sue's delightful afternoon with a cooking demo of food party ideas perfect for the Christmas season using King Sue products.

I, honestly, didn't realize that I can cook an entire feast with their products.

A feast made with King Sue products

Camille who recently gave birth to a lovely baby girl (she did mention she was about to pop anytime soon, and indeed, it was soon), said, "Nothing beats a home cooked meal" and mentioned that her mom's a great cook, so she tries her best to cook for her family, too. She added that her mom told her that there no more excuse  from cooking when you have your own family already.

Joining Camille and Nathan in the food demo was Chef Katrina Cua, and together they taught us how to prepare Buttermilk Scones with King Sue Bacon Jam, and my Popy's favorite, King Sue Hungarian Sausage and Potato Gratin.

My son with his own plate of food. They grow up so fast!

We loved their buffet spread so much, that my 2-year old was still asking for the food on the display after the event has ended.

King Sue Buffet! :)

King Sue at home with The Perezes

We had King Sue sliced bacon for two breakfasts already and we're still craving for more. I think our breakfast spread has been solved for the next few days, and we'll be off to the supermarket to get some more. We're having the Hungarian Sausage for tonight. :)

Payday's coming up this week, so why not include this in your grocery list?

Don't forget King Sue in your Noche Buena and Media Noche, so you can also have a feast fit for royalty!

L-R: Co-Mommy Blogger Berlin Domingo of Momi Berlin and her baby, me and Popy,
Millennial Moms PH's founder Dette Zulueta and a very blooming preggy Camille Prats
(Image credit to Dette Zulueta - Millennial Moms PH)


King Sue products are available in all leading supermarkets.

For more details, visit and follow @KingSueHam at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

For orders and inquiries, email

Join Millennial Moms PH for mommy tips, events and support from fellow moms.

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  1. King Sue is known to have very consistent taste and premium products, my personal favorite is the sweet ham perfect for homemade pizza and ham&cheese pinwheel! <3 Glad you enjoyed the event and the King Sue feast!

  2. I'm also a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Administration. I love cooking, too. My maternal grandmother was a good cook. I think she had a big influence on me.

  3. I've had a chance to try King Sue (also learned the correct way after saying King Su) products. I like their bacon and variety of hams. This looks like it was a fun event!

  4. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal indeed! I haven't tried King Sue products yet, but if they taste like home cooking, then by all means I'm up for it lol!

  5. Wow, what a great experience! I love cooking too though, I'm not that really hands on.. I only cook during weekends..That's really great when both of you and your hubby loves cooking. 😊😊

    Rica |

  6. We love King Sue products especially the ham and bacon, will definitely have them this holiday season.

  7. Buttermilk Scones with King Sue Bacon Jam sound yummy! I hope they share the recipe on their FB.

  8. I always buy their bacon bits and bacon cubes. It's already a freezer staple in my house. LOL! Every now and then, I get a few more of their products, too. What I like about it is, it is delicious yet affordable. :)

  9. ooohhhh what did you guys win? I love ham and I know for a fact that if you put ham in any dish it tastes better agad agad! I'm really curious about that bacon jam though... magkano ulit siya? :)